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Delaunay - Clap Escape

Clap Escape

On the other side of the Morand bridge in the 6th arrondissement, you can find our friends from Clap Escape who invite you into the world of cinema to live an acting experience in magnificent settings.

Delaunay - Imaginarium Game

Imaginarium Game

On the Jules Guesde square towards Jean Macé, next to the excellent Lebanese restaurant Meza, you can enter the fascinating world of Imaginarium Game with our favorite for the magic of the Day of the Dead in their latest room, the Ofrenda !

Delaunay - Mission Evasion

Mission Evasion

Still in Jean Macé, on the other side of the railway tracks is the fine team from Mission Evasion, whose madness will keep you entertained until the end of the night...

Delaunay - Mimesis | Le Roi Noir

Mimesis | Le Roi Noir

Wander the streets of Old Lyon in search of a mysterious serial killer in this memorable immersive adventure where you will be able to meet some of our butlers in a new light...

Delaunay - Odysseus


Just above Clap Escape, you will be able to climb into Odysseus' time machine to fight IRIS, an awkward artificial intelligence that has modified the past. It's up to you to restore our timeline!

Delaunay - A Maze In Game

A Maze In Game

Between Saxe Gambetta and Jean Macé, you can find the HQ of A Maze In Game which investigates mysterious phenomena, in a most immersive Soviet submarine and in a rather disturbing cabinet of curiosities...

Delaunay - 100issues


The short hour drive that separates you from the magnificent 100issues room, the escape game of Annonay in Ardèche, will be forgotten at the first second in this room as intelligent as it is pretty created by enthusiasts, everything we love.

Delaunay - RAIDinLyon


Every year since 2009, this association of enthusiasts has offered the largest treasure hunt in France, which brings together more than 300 participants over the course of a day. RAIDinLyon is an adventure that is experienced as a team and that we remember!

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