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Le casse-tête Delaunay, Escape Game sur Lyon (69)

The Delaunay Puzzle

Delaunay, le casse-tête escape game sur Lyon

The mystery grows about the disappearance of Anatole Delaunay.

Delaunay is well known as the founder of the flourishing company Fabrique Familiale Lyonnaise des Jeux et des Jouets. He was last seen entering his office a few days ago and has been missing since

The police investigation has reached a dead end, the family members do not cooperate willingly, and the press took hold of the case now called “The Delaunay Puzzle”.

We are the family’s butlers and we are worried. There is only one way to find out what happened, we will help you infiltrate the different rooms of this huge mansion full of secrets.

delaunay presentation salle

For your first mission,
the Théâtre des Illusions opens its doors to you!

The mysterious magician OXO is preparing his new show in the greatest secrecy and is looking for his future assistants.

Will you be candidates worthy of this spectacular and enigmatic job interview?

Pour faire plaisir à vos proches, vous pouvez offrir un bon cadeau pour 1 à 6 personnes, à imprimer chez vous ou sous forme d'un casse-tête en bois de la famille Delaunay !

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Le Casse-Tête Delaunay 11 place Croix-Paquet 69001 Lyon
  • Métro A | Hôtel de Ville
  • Métro C | Croix-Paquet
  • Bus C3,C5,C13,C14, C18, 9, 19 | Hôtel de Ville
  • Station Vélo'v | Place Tolozan (1022)
  • Parkings | Opéra - Hôtel de Ville - Terreaux