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The investigation

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Delaunay - The Delaunay family, a Lyon story

The Delaunay family, a Lyon story

It was in 1967 that Anatole Delaunay, then a young carpenter, decided to leave his native Jura to settle in Lyon. He quickly created his company, the aptly named Fabrique Familiale Lyonnaise des Jeux et des Jouets, by setting up his workshop on the slopes of Croix-Rousse at 11 place Croix-Paquet.

With his wife Alice, whom he met in Lyon, they will have 4 children who will all get involved at different levels in the company. It is this shared passion for the game that deeply unites the family.

The “Delaunay Games” quickly became a reference in France, whether for its wooden toys, its puzzles or its construction games. They also participated in the board game revival in the early 2000s.

The fortune that the family built allowed them to acquire the entire building housing the original workshop. This old building becomes a warm place welcoming almost the entire family, from grandparents to grandchildren.

Delaunay - “The Delaunay Puzzle”

“The Delaunay Puzzle”

A few weeks ago, Anatole mysteriously disappeared.

We saw him enter his office one morning and in the evening, his office was empty, no one saw him leave. The family surprisingly doesn't seem very concerned and assumes he's gone on a business trip like he usually does. But he always warned us, the butlers, when he was leaving the house and then he didn't...
After a few days, we logically issued a search notice, but the police found absolutely nothing there. The story even leaked to the local press which, seeking to make a good statement, renamed the case “The Delaunay Puzzle”.

Faced with this situation, we decided to put in place a system to allow independent investigators to come and infiltrate the house with our complicity in order to help us with this extraordinary case.

Delaunay - Who is this magician close to Anatole?

Who is this magician close to Anatole?

The last person to see Anatole Delaunay before his disappearance was the magician OXO. This mysterious illusionist constantly wears a golden mask and his identity is still unknown.
Following Anatole's invitation, he has been living in the house for several months. He took up residence in the family's small private theater, built for Alice Delaunay a few years ago. He says he is preparing an extraordinary new show but no one has been allowed to enter under the pretext of professional secrecy.

Recently, he has been looking for assistants, and he has entrusted us butlers with taking care of these job interviews. This is your opportunity to apply to enter the theater and see if this path leads somewhere…

Delaunay - Swan, the beloved granddaughter

Swan, the beloved granddaughter

Swan Delaunay, at 6 and a half years old, is the youngest, which makes her the darling of the family and especially of Anatole who sometimes lets her play in his office. She is a very intelligent child who has a boundless imagination and an infectious joie de vivre.
But since the disappearance of her grandfather, she is no longer recognized, she has great difficulty falling asleep and constantly seems tired. The best babysitters in town are all giving up one by one. The family is actively looking for someone who will allow Swan to finally sleep peacefully.

It's your turn to try to help her fall asleep, maybe she can teach you more about her beloved grandfather.

A space For investigation

To assist you in your investigation, we are preparing an online space, coming soon, to gather all the leads you will find during your investigations. After each visit to the house, you can enter the elements that caught your attention, and your investigator's board will gradually be filled.

Coming Soon
Delaunay, mon enquête Delaunay, mon enquête Delaunay, mon enquête Delaunay, mon enquête Delaunay, mon enquête Delaunay, mon enquête